The Seafood International Market & Restaurant Pte Ltd Singapore's First Live Seafood Shopping and Dining Concept Awarded by Singapore Book of Records

A stalwart seafood dining destination since 1983, The Seafood International Market & Restaurant has reopened its doors in March 2008 at the newly-launched Big Splash after a $2.5 million complete revamp.

The Seafood International Market & Restaurant has been conferred the World’s First “ASEAN Seafood Restaurant” title by ASEAN Fisheries Federation since 1992 and voted twice as Singapore’s “Most Popular Seafood Restaurant” amongst a host of other awards and accolades.

Since the official opening in 1983 by Spiro Agnew, Vice-President of USA, seafood lovers have been enticed by its Chinese-Thai style seafood cuisine, making the establishment the top choice for a corporate and leisure seafood shopping and dining experience.


The Seafood International Market & Restaurant is famed for being Singapore’s first live seafood shopping and dining concept. Its spacious live seafood area offers pristine catches, some exotic, from all around the world. Customers can walk through the market to pick out their choices from a variety of fish, prawns, shellfish, lobster and crabs to be prepared by the restaurant’s team of chefs, or take away for cooking in the comfort of their own home.

The focal point of the seafood market is an artfully-displayed dessert counter set within a wooden boat structure. Here, diners can choose from a kaleidoscope of colourful Thai and local desserts which are made in-house ranging from the establishment's signature Durian pudding, Thai Mango & Sticky Rice, Tub Tim Krob and Red Ruby in Coconut Cream.

Located next to the dessert counter is a wine cellar which carries a thoughtful and comprehensive selection of about 150 labels, predominantly from Australia and France, which complement seafood well. Staffs are at hand to provide wine-pairing tips as well as recommendations.


Witness the live cooking action at The Seafood International Market & Restaurant through the open-concept kitchen which gives diners a clear view of the action happening within.

The team of chefs whip up a menu of over 200 dishes spanning Chinese favourites and Thai specialities.


The Seafood International Market and Restaurant located at Big Splash aims to impress with its sleek modern contemporary setting with full height glass windows so that all customers have a view, regardless of where they are seated.

The communal open dining area looks out to the Big Splash complex and the surrounding pond and greenery. 20 private dining rooms, which are more luxuriously furnished, offer a lovely view of the sea. Al fresco dining options are available as well.

Size: 18,000 sq ft
Seating Capacity: 150 – communal dining
200 – private dining rooms
270 – Al fresco
Corkage: $20 for wine, $30 for spirits and champagne